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(posted Monday, June 09, 2014) 
Yankton County Volunteer for Diasters

Yankton County
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
SERV SD Registration Instructions

Go to and click on ‘New Member Sign-up’

Step 1: Selecting Your Group
You will need to start by selecting your volunteer group. Select the box next to “CERT- Yankton County” to register as member of the Yankton County Community Emergency Response Team. If you are a ‘licensed or certified health professional’ (physician, nurse, behavioral health specialist, etc.) check this box, otherwise click on one of the other non-medical volunteer groups (POD or SNS group).

Step 2: Create Your Account
When selecting your user id and password, 1). The user id should be a combination of your initial of your first name and your entire last name. If a duplicate id already exists, then use your first name and last name, and 2). The password should be six characters or numerals, or a combination thereof.

Step 3: Completing the Registration Process
You will be asked to provide contact information as well as specific information pertaining to the group you have selected to join, including information necessary to validate your credentials and to meet federal standards. When you register you will enter information on the best way to contact you. If a deployment is required, this is the information that the system will use to contact you. Therefore, please be sure that the information you give is accurate and up-to-date. Any time you have any changes in that information, please log on and update the information.

Step 4: Approval Process
The final step is the approval process; your application will either be manually reviewed. The approval process may take several days to complete; once your application status has changed you will receive an e-mail notification. Once approved, you are registered with the Yankton CERT. You will also be able to log on and update your information at any time. Leaders of the Yankton County CERT will contact you with training and deployment opportunities.

SERV SD is a state-owned-and-operated registry and will not provide your name and information to agencies without your permission. For additional information regarding the program or registration process, you may contact Andy Klitzke at or


(posted Thursday, March 07, 2013) 
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Department Head: Paul Scherschligt

Phone: (605) 668-5289

Fax: (605) 668-5261

E-Mail -

The Emergency Management Office is located in the EMS building at 807 Capitol Street.  Use the northern-most entrance on the east side of the building.

Yankton County Emergency Management exists to protect the residents of Yankton County and their property from the effects of natural, manmade, and technological disasters through efforts in preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.


  • Paul Scherschligt - Director of Emergency Management - 7EM1
  • Steve Hermanson- Chief Deputy Emergency Manager - 7EM2
  • Tim Engle - Deputy Emergency Manager / Situation Unit Leader - 7EM3
  • Bryant Jackson - Deputy Emergency Manager /  Resource Unit Leader 7EM4
  • Lee Rettig - Deputy Emergency Manager / Public Information Officer - 7EM5 

Storm Sirens:

Yankton has 6 storm sirens ready to sound when needed. These sirens are located at:

  • 11th and Dakota (St. Johns Lutheran Church)
  • Memory Lane (Crockett Park)
  • 21st and Mulberry (Middle School)
  • 5th and Walnut (City Hall)
  • Fox Run Golf Course.
  • 29th Street between Ruth and Lakeview Dr. (Ridgeway Park)


While the City of Yankton owns and maintains the siren system, Yankton County Emergency Management is responsible for activating the siren system should it be needed in case of a storm. While storm sirens are an important tool in public warning, they are not a substitute for personal preparedness. Severe weather safety means having a family action plan and the supplies necessary to stay safe in the event of severe weather. Being prepared ahead of time is the only effective way to ensure your safety in the event of severe weather.

The City of Yankton has several different types of sirens, the sound of the storm warning tone, a long loud steady burst, is the same for each siren. This should not be confused with the slow wavering tone used to alert the Yankton Volunteer Fire Department of an emergency call.

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