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Mosquito Information


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Mosquito Fogging Q&A

  • What are Anvil & AquaAnvil?

    These are the names of adult mosquito control products, which have been used with great success to help control adult mosquito populations for many years.

  • What is the active ingredient in both products?

    Anvil and AquaAnvil share the same active ingredient, d-Phenothrin, which is also known by the brand name Sumithrin. This is a pyrethroid similar to natural pyrethrins that are extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. Anvil and AquaAnvil also contain piperonyl butoxide, a synergist which boosts efficacy at very low dosage rates.

  • Does either Anvil or AquaAnvil pose a health risk to humans?

    All pesticide products involve a balance between risks and benefits. The active ingredients in Anvil and AquaAnvil have been carefully tested. They are registered for ground and aerial application in outdoor residential and recreational areas.

  • How soon can a family go outside after an application?

    There are no re-entry precautions or limitations for Anvil or AquaAnvil. Both degrade rapidly in the environment and do not bio-accumulate.

  • How will this spraying affect the mosquito population?

    In the majority of spray applications, spraying with Anvil or AquaAnvil is highly effective at killing adult mosquitoes in the treated area.

  • How is Anvil applied?

    Generally, Anvil and AquaAnvil are applied from the air or ground at an ultra low volume in an extremely fine mist of tiny drops, where the average droplet size is 17 microns, smaller than the size of a pinhead.

  • How much is typically applied?

    Anvil and AquaAnvil are applied in very low dosages, as low as 6 tenths of an ounce per acre. An acre is the equivalent size of approximately a football field.

  • How effective is Anvil and AquaAnvil? How many mosquitoes does it kill?

    The active ingredient in Anvil and AquaAnvil, d-Phenothrin, has proven to be extremely effective in killing mosquitoes worldwide for over 20 years. Anvil and AquaAnvil have been tested in over 50 natural population and caged field trials in the United States against 30 different mosquito species. As with any adulticide, environmental conditions, droplet size and the weather might affect results.

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  • What does the Yankton County Weed & Pest Department do?

    We control declared noxious weeds, along State and Local County Right-of-Ways and most Township Roads. We also enforce South Dakota Weed Laws per SDCL 38-22. We also provide mosquito control to local towns that contract with us.

  • When do you spray?

    We usually start sometime in May and continue until October.

  • What do you spray?

    We spray all declared noxious weeds, state and local, as listed on our web page. We try to avoid spraying any wild flowers, milk weed, etc... for pollinators.

  • Do you spray the entire ditch?

    No, we generally try to spray only where there are noxious weeds - spot spray. We may do a fine continuous spray along County Roads only in the late fall.

  • What chemicals do you use when spraying?

    Our most common tank mixture is 2, 4-Choline - 32 oz per acre and Tordon 22k - 16 oz per acre rates.

  • Who do I contact if I have a noxious weed compliant within city limits?

    Yankton County Weed does NOT have jurisdiction within the City of Yankton. The City's weed ordinance is posted along with other municipal codes online. Residents have the responsiblity to control vegetation on their property. If weeds become a nuisance, the City of Yankton will take action. Please contact Public Services at 668-5251 to file a complaint.

  • What if I don't want the Right-of-Way sprayed in front of my property?

    You can complete this No Spray Form and send it into our office. The No Spray Zone needs to be properly marked at the beginning and the end of the zone. If you have a No Spray Zone, you will be responsible for control of the noxious weeds in it.


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Mosquito Fogging Schedule

Please keep in mind that mosquito fogging only kills the mosquito's that are in flight.
Tips to help keep mosquito population in control are:

  • Drain Standing Water (kiddie pools, flower pots, buckets, etc)
  • Check & Clean Standing Water Areas (pet water bowls, gutters, etc)
  • Cover or Throw Away Outside Water Storage Areas (wells, tires, etc)

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